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Corbett Canyon Loop – 29.5 miles – Moderate*

Ride Summary: A scenic loop through the vineyard and ranch country south of SLO. Several wineries along the route. Some hills toward the south end of the ride. Winds from the north tend to pick up in the afternoon. Longer rides can be made by adding out and back options to Lopez Lake or Huasna townsite. One major climb/descent on the road to Huasna townsite.

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0.0       RR station. Take bike path bridge across tracks and follow path along tracks away from the RR station.
2.0       TL onto Orcutt Road.
2.4       TR to stay on Orcutt Road.
3.4       TL to stay on Orcutt Road.
6.2       CS to stay on Orcutt Road. OR for short option, TR onto Biddle Ranch Road, ride 1 mile to Hwy 227 and TR. You are now just before the 17.4 mile mark below.
11.3     TR onto Lopez Drive. For an interesting detour to Lopez Lake, TL at Lopez Drive and ride out and back 4.5 miles to Lopez Lake. For another interesting detour, TR on Lopez Drive, ride 2.6 miles and TL onto Huasna Road for an out and back to Huasna Townsite 10.2 miles each way.
15.5     TR onto 227.
16.0     TR onto Corbett Canyon Road.
21.9     TR onto 227.
27.2     TR onto Orcutt Road.27.5     TL onto bike path just after RR tracks.
29.5     Take bike path bridge back over tracks to station. End of ride.

*How do you determine difficulty ratings?

It is challenging to come up with a difficulty rating system that is relevant for everyone. A very fit cyclist might consider our “Moderately Strenuous” trips to not be hard at all, while someone who exercises infrequently or is not used to cycling might find a “Moderately Easy” tour to be quite a challenge. Our bicycle tour rating system is based on the approximate fitness level of a casual recreational cyclist who rides at least once per week and rides over fifteen miles on a regular basis. If you ride less or more than this, please adjust your expectations of the tour accordingly. To flesh out the rather subjective difficulty rating, we also include the distance for each tour and a terrain description.

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