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How to Get From City to City

Getting around San Luis Obispo County without your car shouldn't be scary and SLO Car Free wants to make it easier for those coming to our County to be able to experience all SLO County has to offer without the fear of leaving their car at home. This page gives some helpful "how to" tips on how to get from town to town! Want a customized trip planner that can show you how to get anywhere by foot, transit or bike? Try out our Google Trip Planner.

Grover Beach to Avila Beach

Did you know there is also a convenient Amtrak stop in Grover Beach? Grover is a great city that offers many businesses all within easy walking distance to the beach and restaurants, unique shops, and more. If you do need to venture out of Grover Beach though, it is easy to get to and from.

To get to Avila Beach from Grover:

  • Walk 0.2 miles to West Grand Avenue at 6th Street
  • Catch the SLO RTA Route 21 bus towards Shell Beach
  • At the Pismo Beach Premium Outlet Center, hop on the FREE Avila Trolley towards Avila Beach

Grover Beach to San Luis Obispo

  • From the Amtrak Station, Walk to Ramona Garden Park at Ramona & 9th Street
  • Catch the SLO RTA Route 24 bus towards Arroyo Grande City Hall
  • When you arrive at the Pismo Beach Premium Outlet Center, catch SLO RTA Route 10 bus towards San Luis Obispo
  • You will be able to get off at either the Amtrak station or SLO Downtown Government Center in the heart of Downtown SLO

San Luis Obispo to Pismo Beach and Avila Beach

Avila Beach is a prime destination spot. It is a great, unique beach town with tons to offer. How do you get there without a car?

  • From San Luis Obispo: Jump on the SLO RTA Route 10 bus at the Downtown SLO Government Center. From there, the bus will take you southbound to the Pismo Beach Prime Outlets.
  • Get off the RTA at the Outlets (do a little shopping) or you can get on the Avila Beach Trolley! To see their current schedule, see here.

San Luis Obispo to Cambria and San Simeon

  • From San Luis Obispo: Walk to the San Luis Obispo Government Center located at Osos and Palm.
  • From there, take the SLO RTA Route 12 bus towards Morro Bay.
  • When you arrive at Morro Bay Park located on Harbor Street at Piney Way, catch the North Coast Connector, SLO RTA Route 15 towards Cambria.
  • Route 15 offers 10 stops in Cambria or continue on to San Simeon.

San Luis Obispo Amtrak to Cal Poly

While Cal Poly isn't an official "city" it sure does feel like one with its thousands of students, apartment complexes, restaurants, stores and more! Here is a quick and easy guide for how to get from the SLO Amtrak Station to Cal Poly.

  • From SLO Amtrak, Jump on the SLO Transit Route 5 bus headed toward Downtown SLO Governement Center (should arrive every 30 minutes).
  • Stay on Route 5 and you will head towards the Los Osos Valley/ Laguna Village shopping area. Stay on the bus.
  • Continue to ride Route 5 and you will arrive shortly at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. There will be 2 stops you can depart once at Cal Poly.