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Morro Bay Loop – 28.3 miles – Moderate to Moderately Strenuous*

Ride Summary: A varied ride taking in Highway One and the coastal town of Morro Bay on the way north. On the return south you’ll ride Turri Rd; a great, little trafficked road often used for bike photo shoots. Great views of a series of craggy peaks between Highway One and Los Osos Valley called the Nine Sisters. Relatively level for most of the ride with a few gradual climbs and descents one steeper climb and descent on Turri Rd.

0.0       TR out of Santa Rosa Park onto Santa Rosa Road / Hwy One. Highway One to Morro Bay is mostly a busy four lane freeway with a large shoulder.
10.8     EXIT Freeway at Los Osos / Baywood Park Exit.
11.0     TL at end of exit ramp. Cross under freeway.
11.2     TR onto Quintana. Uphill.
11.8     TL  onto Morro Bay Blvd. Busy intersection. Downhill into town.
12.3     TL onto Main St. To explore Morro Rock or the waterfront, TR and follow the signs, then return to Main St. and follow this south out of town and through MorroBayState Park.
15.0     TR onto unmarked South Bay Blvd after passing the marina.
16.4     TL onto Turri Road just before bridge with bear statue. One big climb and descent.
21.0     TL onto Los Osos Valley Rd. Busier highway with good shoulder.
25.0     TL onto Foothill Blvd at the stoplight. Enter City of San Luis Obispo and pass through several stoplights.
27.9     TR onto Santa Rosa Road / Highway One.
28.3     TL into Santa Rosa Park (suggest use crosswalk at Murray St.)

*How do you determine difficulty ratings?

It is challenging to come up with a difficulty rating system that is relevant for everyone. A very fit cyclist might consider our “Moderately Strenuous” trips to not be hard at all, while someone who exercises infrequently or is not used to cycling might find a “Moderately Easy” tour to be quite a challenge. Our bicycle tour rating system is based on the approximate fitness level of a casual recreational cyclist who rides at least once per week and rides over fifteen miles on a regular basis. If you ride less or more than this, please adjust your expectations of the tour accordingly. To flesh out the rather subjective difficulty rating, we also include the distance for each tour and a terrain description.

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