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Why Go Car Free

Getting Started with the Car Free Experience

Three things to remember:

  • This doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. If you replace just ONE car trip with a car-free trip, you’re on the way to a guilt free, clean air adventure.
  • Car Free-dom is fun. Picture yourself hopping on the 25-cent SLO Trolley to go to the weekly Farmers’ Market in downtown SLO – or enjoying the beautiful California Coast from the window of the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner. Imagine a traffic-free, parking-free, feel-good vacation.
  • When you are vacationing the green way, you are making a big difference. Now you can tell your friends that you are saving the world by taking a vacation.

Explore for trip ideas, and see Discounts for special deals you’ll receive for making the pledge to travel car free.

Top 5 reasons to travel car free:

1. Going on a low carb(on) diet is good for the health of our planet.

Transportation is responsible for nearly 40% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions –  and in San Luis Obispo, that percentage is even higher.  The average American car emits one pound of carbon for each mile driven. Carbon emissions (also referred to as greenhouse gases) contribute to global climate change. By pledging to travel Car Free, you are taking a big step to fight climate change.

2. Keep the green in your wallet

Leaving your car at home can mean saving some green in your wallet. In addition to gas, toll fees and parking savings, you’ll save miles and wear on your car that result from driving long distances. And, with all the discounts you can get from, it really does pay to leave your car behind.

3. Walking and biking is good for our health.

Walking and biking helps fight diabetes, cancer, depression and heart disease. Increasing your physical activity by walking and biking for trips where you would normally drive is an easy way to live a healthier lifestyle. Leaving your car at home is not only a healthier way to travel, it also saves lives – 47,000 Americans are killed each year in car crashes.  Besides, with the all culinary options to experience in San Luis Obispo, you’ll need to do lots of walking to make room for all the great food.

4. We will all breathe easier.

Car exhaust is a major cause of asthma in young children and lung disease in adults. Taking the train to SLO or walking, biking, and busing around once you get here will help keep our skies blue and air clean.

5. Car free = care free.

Imagine taking the train along the coast, hopping on a trolley to experience our historic downtown, riding SLO transit from your hotel to the weekly Farmer’s Market, biking through vineyards, hiking the surrounding peaks, kayaking to Morro Rock, or renting an alternative fueled vehicle to explore Hearst Castle or see the elephant seals and monarch butterflies. That beats the stress of traffic, wrong turns, or the occasional speeding ticket any day!